Thursday, July 29, 2010

Company Update file


Click on above links to download. After Download paste in Hire_Man folder,

Login with supervisor password (yourpassword@xxx) then go to Due/Data Update and select  Company File then click on Ok!

Precautions - take backup of Hire_Man folder before updating data

Correction / Updation Done

New Options
1. Query Builder (Master) & Viewer in Reports - Know you can define your own reports & export to Excel
2. Reports - Most of reports can be viewed in Agreement Listing by clicking on List View


1. Reports / Lable Printing - Taluk & State not coming, Corrected
2. Reports / Settlement  - OD for last due not correct, Corrected
3. Reports / Endorsemetn Listing - Vehicle No was not coming full., Corrected
4. Reports / Profit Forecast - If settled in previous year & report taken in current showing settle No, Corrected
5. Entry  / Settlement - OD amoutnshowing wtong, Corrected
6. Reports / Document Posted - Not printing in date order, Corrected
7. Reports / Balance Sheet  - Net Profit was displaying in opposited side, Corrected
8. Reports / Agreement Schedule  - Remarks Y/N option, New
9. Master / Hirer Master - Address Displaying in one line, Corrected