Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hire-Man Version 10.4 Release

Click on above links to download. After Download paste in Hire_Man folder and Unzip. For Safety rename old exe to Hire_Man????.exe

New Features and Correction

New Options
1. Interface - Completely New Interface to suit Windows7 and Laptops, with user selectable themes.
2. DashBoard/Desktop - Will display Expires, Due To Be Received, Cash Bank Balance for all Companies, Due Pending > 5, Planner, Seized / Legal Cases. (To activate goto Utilities/General & select YES in Dash Board on Startup (It will take 1-2 minutes to display)
3. Legal Case - New option to handle Legal Cases.
4. Security - Know Hire-Man will keep track for all Edit, Delete and Reports viewed.

1. Report / Trial Balance - If particular group selected not coming correct, Corrected
2. Agreement Schedule - New Copy not generating New HPA No., Corrected
3. Settlement - Know Party Name will be replaced with * in Account Master, New
4. Agreement Schedule - Error while exit, and Interest Calculation wrong if in Rupees, Corrected
5. Profit/Loss Auto Transfer - Debit/Credit was not correct, Corrected
6. SMS in Receipt - If 1st Receipt Send SMS selected "No" for next receipt it was not asking Confirmation. Corrected
7. OD Interest Chart - Principal Details Y/N, New
8. Due Pending - Single Line Agreement No. Y/N, New
9. Agreement List - Grace Period not calculating, Corrected
10. Due Receipt Printing - If OD/Other Amt given remarks was not coming coorect, Corrected
11. Agreement List - If Agreement selected for other company then in Reports Company name was not coming correct, Corrected